COTA AGM welcomes new Board Directors

Image: Paul Lan, Alan Clark, Rita Meaney, Christine Bell, Alison Wiss, James Versteegen, Ingrid Harrison (COTA Tas President), and Jennifer Branch-Allen
Absent: Carl Cooper, Erin Senz

On 29th November we held our AGM held at The Tasmanian Hockey Centre. It was fantastic to see both familiar and fresh faces!

Join us in welcoming our new board members: Jennifer Branch-Allen, Christine Bell, Alan Clark, and Paul Lan.

They’re joining our incredible team alongside existing board members Carl Cooper, Rita Meaney, Erin Senz, James Versteegen, Alison Wiss, and COTA Tasmania President and Board Chair, Ingrid Harrison.

Here’s to strong advocacy for older Tasmanians in 2024 and beyond.