Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The COTA Tasmania Board is made up of a diverse group of individuals with a range of skills and passion to serve older Tasmanians.

The Board leads COTA Tasmania to achieve our Vision and Mission. Directors are elected for a two year period at the AGM held in November each year.

View our 5 year strategic plan for 2020 to 2025.

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Image: 2023 COTA Tasmania Board
Paul Lan, Alan Clark, Rita Meaney, Christine Bell, Alison Wiss, James Versteegen, Ingrid Harrison (COTA Tas President), and Jennifer Branch-Allen
Absent: Carl Cooper, Erin Senz



Ingrid HarrisonIngrid Harrison

Ingrid’s wealth of expertise as a communication and media specialist, along with her hands-on approach as the co-director of Bright Company, positions her as a valuable asset to the COTA Tasmania board. Her extensive background in communication across various sectors, including government, businesses, and the non-profit sector, equips her with the skills needed to advocate effectively for COTA Tasmania’s mission. As a Life Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, Ingrid brings a high level of professionalism and strategic knowledge to her role. Her passion for effective communication and proven track record of successful projects, recognised both nationally and internationally, represent her commitment to delivering outstanding results.

In her role as president, Ingrid is dedicated to applying her skills and experience to amplify COTA Tasmania’s messages and objectives. Her unique perspective and ability to navigate diverse communication challenges make her an invaluable leader, helping the board effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders. Ingrid’s presidency adds significant value to COTA Tasmania, fostering stronger connections and advocacy within the community.


Carl Cooper
Carl has a varied and interesting work life mix, including roles such as secondary teaching, singing performances, community and review pharmacist practice, and teaching pharmacy students at CSU, Wagga Wagga, and UTAS. In addition, he has experience as a community pharmacy proprietor. Since the 2019, Carl has dedicated his full attention to overseeing their Wilmores Bluff property while also serving as an accredited and Locum Pharmacist in and around Launceston. Carl is a proud member of the West Tamar Rotary Club and Rotary Tasmania Community Care, demonstrating his commitment to enhancing the health of Tasmanians, particularly in regional and remote areas of the state.



Rita Meaney
Rita Meaney is a dedicated board member at COTA Tasmania, contributing her expertise and insights to the organisation. With a track record of serving on the boards of several non-profit organisations, Rita brings valuable experience to her role. She is an accomplished Tax Consultant, showcasing a demonstrated history of success in the law practice industry.

Rita’s skills encompass a wide range, including research, negotiation, and budgeting. Rita holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and a Bachelor of Business (B Bus.) with a focus on a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Erin Senz
Erin Senz, is a highly accomplished Consultant Physiotherapist and Management professional with an impressive 20 years of combined clinical and management expertise spanning various healthcare sectors. Erin has excelled in roles across acute care, primary care, chronic disease management, aged care, disability services, occupational health, and workplace rehabilitation. Erin has previously served on the boards of other organisations, showcasing her commitment to contributing her skills and knowledge to the broader community and healthcare landscape

James VersteegenJames Versteegen
James is a passionate and seasoned professional eager to make a meaningful impact in the non-profit/community sector.  His focus lies in developing strategies, policies, and processes that align with and contribute to an organisation’s strategic goals. James has proven experience as an active and engaged Board member, further highlighting his dedication to the success and growth of the organisations he serves.

Alison WissAlison Wiss
Alison Wiss has an extensive 28-year background in commercial law, conveyancing, and estate planning in Tasmania. Alison  provides expert advice in a language that is easily understandable. Alison specialises in estate planning matters, including the preparation of wills, testamentary trusts, enduring powers of attorney, and enduring guardianships. Alison’s active role as the chair of the Elder Law Committee, coupled with her contribution to human rights advocacy and membership in the Golden Key International Honour Society, underscores her dedication to community welfare. As a board member, Alison Wiss brings a unique blend of legal acumen, empathy, and a commitment to human rights, making her a valuable advocate for the senior community.

Jennifer Branch-AllenJennifer Branch-Allen
Jennifer Branch-Allen is an advocate with a rich background in community service. Currently serving as the CEO of Kidsafe Tasmania, Jennifer’s commitment to child safety is evident in this role.  Jennifer’s involvement as an independent advocate for The Gardens Aged Care and her work with residents of Lady Clark Retirement Village reflect her deep engagement in the aged care sector. With a strong foundation in Board and governance skills, Jennifer brings a strategic and passionate approach to her roles. Her passion for the sector is a driving force, and as a member of the board, Jennifer Branch-Allen’s skills and commitment promise to contribute significantly to the objectives and mission of COTA Tasmania. Her diverse experiences and leadership qualities make her a valuable asset in advocating for the welfare and rights of older Tasmanians.

Christine BellChristine Bell
Christine Bell is a seasoned professional with an extensive business and board background, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. As the former CEO of Southern Waste Solutions, Christine has demonstrated her leadership skills in the environmental sector. Her impressive credentials include being a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand, as well as a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Christine’s commitment to governance is further highlighted by her past roles as a Board member of MAIB (Motor Accidents Insurance Board) and Transend Networks. Her diverse career includes senior management positions in local government for two councils and a financial controller role in private enterprise. A strong advocate for the not-for-profit sector, Christine Bell’s expertise in business, finance, and governance positions her as a valuable asset for COTA Tasmania’s board.

Alan ClarkAlan Clark 
Alan has a varied professional background, combining senior expertise in commercial real estate and specialised business broking across Tasmania and Queensland. With over 35 years of experience, Alan has established himself as an industry leader, having served as a board member of the Property Council of Australia (TAS). Beyond his real estate achievements, Alan also has media and marketing background in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. His extensive executive experience in TV, radio, advertising, and marketing, coupled with roles in the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania and the Property Council of Tasmania, underscores his diverse skill set.  Alan has a lifelong interest in positive ageing, caring, justice and compassion for older people in our communities. Alan’s varied experiences and passion make him a valuable advocate and contributor as a member of COTA Tasmania’s board.

Paul LanPaul Lan
Paul Lan is a licensed architect and a distinguished Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA). Paul has served, by ministerial appointment, on the Regional Development of Australia Tasmania Board. Currently, Paul is an active member of the Chinese Community Association of Tasmania, and is also a representative on the Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCOT), emphasising his commitment to promoting cultural diversity and understanding within the community. Paul brings a unique blend of professional expertise, cultural insight, and community engagement to the table. His passion for spreading COTA’s messages into the regions aligns showcases his commitment to ensuring that the voices and needs of diverse communities are represented and advocated for.