IT Instructions – How To Use Messenger

IT Instructions – How To Use Messenger

COTA Tasmania is developing friendly easy-to-use instructions to help become digitally connected to friends and family.

Messenger is an one popular application (app) that allows that.  The following five key instructions will assist in getting set up with Messenger on various devices.

These can be printed on any printer that has A3 capability.

  1. How to #1   Set up a Facebook account so you can Use Messenger
  2. How to #2:  Set up  Messenger on Your Phone/Tablet 
  3. How To #3: Use Messenger on your tablet or phone
  4. How To #4:  Set up Messenger on Your Laptop/Computer
  5. How to #5:  Use Messenger on Your Laptop/Computer

A “How To Zoom” suite of instructions is also available.

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