COTA Submissions

COTA Submissions

COTA Tasmania writes submissions to government and organisations to influence the policies and programs it develops. Many submissions are in response to consultation papers, parliamentary inquiries, law reform inquiries, and discussion papers on issues impacting on older people.

The following submissions have been made by COTA:

Retirement Villages Amendment Bill 2023

COTA Tasmania – Disability Inclusion Bill Consultation Submission

Tasmanian Housing Strategy Exposure Draft – prepared by COTA Tasmania Policy Council

COTA Tasmania response to DOJ draft safeguarding options paper

COTA Tasmania submission to Guardianship and Administration Amendment Act 2022

Our Healthcare Future Submission Feb 2021

Letter in response to Marinus Link RIT-T Supplementary Analysis Report – TasNetworks  Dec 2020

Energy Charter Disclosure response – Aurora Energy Oct 2020

Response to Consumer Data Right – Energy Rules Framework consultation – ACCC Aug 2020

State Budget Consultation Submissions

COTA Tasmania State Budget Submission 2023-2024

Appendix report to 23-24 Budget Submission Final

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2022-2023

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2021

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2020-21
Dec 2019

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2019-20
Dec 2018

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2018-19 
Dec 2017

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2017-18
Dec 2016

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2016-17
Dec 2015

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2015-16
Feb 2015

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2012–2013

COTA Tasmania Budget Submission 2011–2012


COTA Tasmania submission Health Green Paper final
Feb 2015

Submission to Proposed Model for Voluntary Assisted Dying: A Proposal for Tasmania March 2013

Response to Hobart City Council’s Draft Housing Strategy 2012 – 2018
February 2013

Letter to Stakeholders RE Voluntary Assisted Dying Proposal
February 2013

Submission to the Consultation Phase 2012 Tasmanian Carer Policy 2013
November 2012

Submission to the Discussion Paper 2012: Financial Counselling to Support People Affected by Problem Gambling
August 2012

COTA Australia Position Statement Health Palliative Care
May 2012

Submission to the Select Committee on the Cost of Living
March 2012

Response to The Review of the Older Driver Licensing System by DIER
October 2010


Please refer to the COTA Australia website for submissions to national inquiries.