Policy Council

Policy Council

COTA Policy Council

The COTA Policy Council was established early in 2010 to provide advice and policy direction on issues of concern for older Tasmanians.

The Policy Council also provides advice to COTA Australia on the development of national policies and is a member of COTA’s National Policy Council.

The key objectives of the Policy Council are to:

  • Identify issues for COTA TAS policy focus (local, state and national).
  • Make recommendations on priority of proposed policy and program responses.
  • Ensure COTA TAS policies are based on stakeholder input, research and dialogue, and where possible, encourage the development of evidence based data, in accordance with COTA TAS Mission and Goals and agreed policy principles.
  • Provide support in the advocacy of COTA TAS policy, through leadership and expertise on ageing issues.
  • Recommend main strategies for developing and advancing COTA TAS policy agendas.
  • Ensure that COTA TAS is an active participant in the COTA National policy forum.

Membership of the Policy Council includes:

  • Erika Altmann
  • Julie Andersson
  • Carl Cooper
  • Ian Fletcher
  • Robert Hill
  • Kimbra Parker
  • John Pauley (Chair)
  • Mary Sharpe
  • Debra Thurley

The Council meets quarterly.