The #RethinkAgeing project is a suite of visual projects aimed at tackling ageism and negative stereotypes surrounding older people. It includes an intergenerational project called ‘The Love Stories’, several #RethinkAgeing photographic series and #RethinkParks.

The Love Stories uses pictures and stories provided by children about the loved older people in their lives. It demonstrates that people across all ages and generations can see the value in one another.

The #RethinkAgeing photographic series show older Tasmanians positively engaged in a range of activities. The series so far have focussed on older people in recreational, work or volunteering activities, and as valuable customers. These images have been distributed throughout Tasmania in posters and banners, to very positive responses. All photos are taken by professional photographer Peter Mathew.



#RethinkParks was a collaborative project between COTA Tasmania and the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, that aimed to encourage older Tasmanians to use our national parks. The #RethinkParks brochure provided information about low-cost ways to get outdoors, from a picnic in a heritage site, to a leisurely stroll, to a camping trip.

If you would like any of our #RethinkAgeing posters, please contact Lyn McGaurr at lynm@cotatas.org.au or phone COTA Tasmania on 6231 3265.