Piecing it Together

Piecing it Together

Intergenerational connection through art

Piecing it Together is an intergenerational street art project that brings younger and older people together to learn about, design, and create street art.  Participants learn various street art techniques under the guidance of Jamin, a well renowned artist, who has assisted us in our previous PiT projects.

By bringing younger and older people together to better understand one another, Piecing it Together challenges negative stereotypes and encourages community connection. Previous participants have enjoyed working with and learning from people of different ages and were pleasantly surprised by how well everyone worked together, contributing to discussions and often having similar ideas and experiences. They also developed individual skills in art and communicating.

The project challenges stereotypes about being younger and becoming older to reduce ageism and promote respect and understanding in our communities.

The recently released WHO Global Report on Ageing provided several recommendations and strategies for combating ageism, reporting that “Intergenerational contact interventions are among the most effective interventions to reduce ageism against older people, and they also show promise for reducing ageism against younger people”.

People who have observed previous PiT projects saw younger and older people working together, lending an opportunity to challenge their own assumptions and expectations.  Our projects are a  great opportunity to reconnect and turn a dull community space into something that all community can enjoy, as we recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

How does it work?

Participants come together over 2-3 days to explore concepts, brainstorm ideas and co-design their ideas for the street art.  They then learn about art techniques from our artists, practicing and designing the tools and stencils that will be used the following week to undertake the art piece.

As we move through the time together, our interactions lend themselves to exploring the concept of age – how it makes us feel, how others make us feel about our age, and through these discussions break down barriers ands build confidence within the group.

We then start ‘doing’ the  art!!   We come back together to paint, design and complete our street art project – having wonderful chatter, meals and fun together along the way.

The local community stop and chat and are overwhelmingly positive about our street art activation.

I’d love to do something like this in my area!

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Learn more about our previous intergenerational street art projects in Glenorchy, Clarence and Hobart.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Tasmanian Government in our intergenerational street art projects.