Talking Point – post election

Tasmania – An Age Friendly State?

As we await the outcome of the State election and what that may bring, what thought have you given to older Tasmanians and what they may see as important to their future?  Have you chatted recently to your parents, your aunty, or your neighbour down the road about what concerns them, the gaps in services they experience and the things that may make a difference to their quality of life?

With almost 228,000 Tasmanians over the age of 50 (almost half the States population), we owe it to older community members, as well as to our future selves, to pay attention to the issues that are impacting on their lives. Appropriate and affordable housing that adapts to support us to age in place, access to consistent primary healthcare in our local areas, practical strategies to assist with cost-of-living pressures, particularly rising electricity prices, and practical support to navigate aged care services and systems are just a few things that we hear when we talk to our members and the wider community.  Sounds familiar? But for many older Tasmanians, these challenges are acute due to limited income, ageist stereotypes, poor public transport, limited mobility, increased reliance on digital means and social isolation.


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