QR Codes for COVID 19 contact tracing

What is a QR Code?

QR code is just like a barcode, with information that can be read by a smart phone camera. This is an example of how they look.

Why are they used for COVID 19 contact tracing?

QR codes are used for collecting information for contact tracing because they can be used without having to touch shared surfaces or items like pens and paper.  They also store contact details electronically for a specific time frame for the sole purpose of contact tracing.

More and more businesses are making this option available for guests.

How do I use the QR CODE for contact tracing?

  • You will need a smartphone to use the QR Code for contact tracing
  • When you arrive at a participating businesses they will have a QR code on display
  • Click on your camera icon on your smartphone
  • Scan the QR card by hovering over it and it will appear on your phone camera screen. You don’t need to click a picture.  Just pointing your phone camera to the code will bring up a link on your screen.
  • Click on the link and then you can enter your name, phone number and suburb into the form that appears on the screen. Press Submit.

What do I do if I don’t have a smartphone or can’t use the QR Code?

Businesses are required to collect your details for contact tracing if you are staying on their premises for more than 15 minutes.   If you don’t have a smartphone, you can ask to record your details manually.

Businesses should make these alternative manual options available.

Businesses are required to keep this information for 28 days and must not disclose the details except for COVID 19 contact tracing purposes.